The Cyprus passport ranks among the world’s best in terms of the freedom it offers holders, opening the gate for easy travel within the European Union (EU) and beyond. Add this to the list of other attractive and enviable benefits the island offers for both business and pleasure and it is no wonder that Cyprus is a much sought-after destination.

In January 2019, the Henley Passport Index ranked Cyprus 16th on the list of countries offering the most travel freedom, citing its citizens as enjoying visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 173 countries and territories.

Aside from free entry into Europe; EU member states and the UK, as well as Canada, Cypriot passport holders can also obtain entry visas and e-visas quickly and simply for other countries such as Australia, India and many Arabic countries. Gaining entry visas to China, Russia and the USA takes only a simplified and quick application process.

Foreign nationals can retain their original citizenship in addition to their Cypriot citizenship and interest in the government’s comprehensive passport scheme continues to be high. Economy news website published an article on March 03, 2019 with European citizenship statistics for 2017 across the bloc, referencing Eurostat figures. According to the findings, in 2017, 5,517 individuals obtained Cyprus Republic citizenship with the largest percentage of nationalities broken down into: Russians - 23.8%; Ukrainians - 8.7%, and British - 9.1%. This figure enjoyed an 18% rise from 2016.

Also in 2017, the Knight Frank Global Lifestyle Review ranked Cyprus the fifth best relocation destination in the world for entrepreneurs, families and retired couples equally. So what makes Cyprus such an ideal base or home – and in turn the Cypriot passport a wise choice?

In the list of reasons the Knight Frank Global Lifestyle Review gave, the obvious selling points were included, such as the high number of sunshine days in the year, which allows for a higher level of enjoyment of outdoor leisure pursuits (including the beach, hiking, cycling, swimming and the like). But the report also honed in on the business advantages; among others, a favourable tax regime, and tax breaks for new residents on passive income and capital gains, as well as on pensions and income from employment.

In terms of character, Cyprus is a full member state of the EU, and enjoys all the perks of its membership, allowing it to develop and progress. This modern element is balanced by its island charm and the careful preservation of its traditions.

The famous welcome that Cypriots are famous for is as warm as ever as the country grows to become more diversified - embracing people of different nationalities and religions.

The island also ranks very highly in terms of safety and is listed on data and research website as the fifth safest country in the world. Furthermore, the island boasts a highly educated workforce and English is spoken and used widely – alongside several other languages.

When you combine the climate, safety, quality of educational institutions and medical care with all the business benefits, it is clear to see that Cyprus offers a fantastic environment to raise a family or as a stepping stone to expand professionally across the three continents it is known to be the ‘gateway’ and the ‘bridge’ of.

And if you need any further convincing, one visit to Cyprus is all it will take to really feel that sense of ‘coming home’.